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There are entire generations of people today for whom it is a completely foreign concept to pay for recorded music on physical media such as records, tapes, CD's or even for downloads. Although my music has enjoyed thousands of plays throughout the world on streaming sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, and others, the royalties paid for even a mid size audience on streaming is tiny compared to the former revenue generated from physical sales or even downloads. Please help offset this trend and continue to expand the creative aspects of my music by helping me stay ahead of the transition in the music industry away from music sales towards free streaming by "purchasing my time". This will allow me the ability to invest the necessary time in creating new music rather than always having to spend my time on other income producing aspects of music.  You can learn more about this trend by reading my recent blog post: "Why I Will Not Be Streaming My Upcoming Christmas Album"

Even your small pledge today of just a few dollars per song can have a huge impact!  And you will be rewarded with unprecedented access to all my music and the creative process along the way.  If you spend any money on music entertainment, this will be the most rewarding investment you can make.  Be sure to visit my Patreon site for full details and to make your pledge today. You don't even have to release any funds until my next song is completed. Click here for all the details!